Sweet Potato and Garlic Soup (a.k.a. Orange Soup)

I’ll admit when I first saw this recipe in Chris Carmichael’s Fitness Cookbook, I wondered if it was some kind of a prank. “Garlic… carrot… sweet potato… chicken broth… orange juice?!… honey?! They’re just throwing that in there because it’s orange!!!

But at Daniel’s request, I made it anyway, and despite the fact that it’s healthful, and despite the fact that I’m on the fence about sweet potatoes… we both liked it. A lot. Enough that it was Daniel’s pick for his birthday dinner this year.

(Apologies for the awful picture. I’ll try to remember to take a better one the next time I make this!)

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Easy Steel-Cut Oatmeal in Jars

I decided to try making steel-cut oatmeal because it’s both gluten-free (I have a mild sensitivity) and vegan (I’m moderately sensitive to cows’ milk). Plus it just sounds all healthy and fancy-pants. ;)

But seriously, who has time to cook it up in the morning?! There are crockpot recipes, but I was looking for something even lazier. Behold, the overnight-in-a-jar method!

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Remember the Milk

How to link to a specific list in Remember the Milk

I love Remember the Milk. I’ve set up all kinds of lists and “smart lists” to keep me on top of the things I need to remember.

In the larger realm of my business, I’m always looking for ways to “shape the path” and make it easier to do the best thing. One area that I’m working on is communicating with my clients. I’m good about initial communication, and I’m good at explaining everything when it’s done, but I’ve struggled to keep them posted while I’m doing the work.

This morning I came up with a good idea: add a smart list to RTM that just shows what I’ve completed that day (I called it “Updates”), and then add a recurring task for each workday afternoon that links me to the Updates list and reminds me to shoot off emails to the relevant stakeholders.

All fine and good, but it turns out there’s no obvious way to get a URL for the Update list (or any particular list).

Fortunately, there’s a not-so-obvious way:

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Six months from today…

…I’ll have crossed the finish line for the 100-mile “America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride” (rather cocky, aren’t they?!) and earned my Team in Training Triple Crown (for completing a marathon, a triathlon, and a bicycle century ride).

Best of all, my sister Nadine will be with me, earning her own Triple Crown (Nadine and I coincidentally completed our Team in Training triathlons the same day, June 24, 2012, in different states).

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Toot toot!


  1. Doing all the homework for Morning Whip! (Traditionally, three weeks has been the firm upper limit of my attention span… so even signing up was an act of faith!)
  2. Getting on top of the outstanding client work that was overwhelming me
  3. I have a freakin’ plan, yo!

THREE THINGS I WILL STILL TOOT TOOT MY OWN HORN ABOUT even if I haven’t achieved it yet!

  1. I’m successfully delegating all the work that is not bringing out my best–leaving me free to shine.
  2. My business is bringing in my goal income with ease.
  3. The ripple effect of my work has impacted thousands of women around the world.

My new money story: I nurture potential in others + “expand the pie”—and the money multiplies.


You know how everyone (hah! “everyone”) says you shouldn’t use the same password everywhere? Yeah, they’re right. But it can be a pain to actually live with that standard. I’ve got something that works for me so I thought I’d share.

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